What Really Gives Us Dewy Looking Skin

What Really Gives Us Dewy Looking Skin

We all have to admit it - we want dewy looking skin. That sometimes illusive sun kissed, slightly moist, juicy looking skin. According to Ayurveda the dewy look is a result of a life lived in connection with the elements, seasons, the quality of our immunity and the balance of our unique bio energetic constitution, but that’s a conversation for another day. Instead we will focus on hydration - as it most certainly contributes to the dewy look. 

Hydration is achieved both internally and externally by drinking hydrating fluids like water. But drinking the proper amount of water for our body type and activity level doesn’t always help our skin look and feel hydrated. In fact one of the great mysteries of the universe might just be how to stay optimally hydrated as well as look optimally hydrated?

From electrolytes to coconut water to mineral baths there are a multitude of theories about how our body best utilizes fluids. As I’m the Ayurveda gal around here, I will share a bit from that perspective.

As we know - everything needs to be digested and assimilated right? From the food we eat to the emotions we feel. On the food level temperature is going to make a massive difference in how well we do or don’t digest something. Because according to Ayurveda we have something called Agni (digestive fire). Not only is it in our gut, but it’s also in our cells. Picturing it from a simplified perspective, we can see that warm substances are going to feed it and cool to cold substances are going to dampen it or even put it out.  

So mindful hydration for us could start with drinking warm water. In fact this is what Ayurveda recommends! But what if I am a person who runs hot? Or it’s summertime and all I want is an ice cold glass of water? Ayurveda recommends adding cooling herbs to your water like hibiscus, fennel or cilantro, but still drinking your water warm to room temp allowing the cooling herb to help ease the internal heat vs ice. 

How much water to drink in a day depends on your body type and activity level with some experts sticking to the ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight theory as a good base. If nothing else try drinking 6 to 8 ounces of warm to room temp water first thing in the morning upon rising. If you find that you are thirsty throughout the day this is a sign (according to Ayurveda) that you are slightly dehydrated. If this is the case you can adjust your fluid intake accordingly. 

Eating moist foods can help hydrate your body and skin! In fact a startlingly large percentage of our hydration should come from our food. Fresh fruits are naturally juicy, lightly steamed or water sautéed vegetables are moist, soups, stews and bone broth are excellent choices as well as grains that have been well cooked in broth, water or milk. Keeping in mind the digestive fire idea our food should be warm as well to help with optimal digestion and thus hydration.

Quality fats are also hydrating. Regularly eating the appropriate amounts of ghee, olive, avocado or coconut oil for our body type and activity level help to lubricate the body's tissues as well as mobilize toxins. Depriving our body of quality fats can actually cause our skin to look and feel dry!

Which brings me to external hydration! You guessed it:

- the skin needs both water and oil to stay hydrated! - 

At Abura we create and curate products that nourish, hydrate, repair and balance the skin (our largest organ). From oil cleansers, to hydrating toners, to oils as moisturizers, to ingredients that actually hold thousands of times their molecular weight in water we have your dewy looking skin care needs covered!

Abura skin care products that are especially rich in humectants and other water loving ingredients:

  1. Cleanser: Brighter Days Oil Cleanser

  2. Toner: Replenishing Mist

  3. Serum: Enlighten Brightening Serum

  4. Oil Moisturizer: Ultimate Facial Oil

  5. Tradition Moisturizer: Awake 

With Love,

Natalie (RANI Ayurveda + Holistic Skincare)

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