• Brow Shaping

    Custom brow shaping for each unique face shape allows the esthetician to enhance your natural features. Thoughtfully shaped eye brows can make the eyes appear bigger, the brows lifted, and the face more youthful and awake.

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  • Brow Tinting

    Our tinting service aims to make brows appear fuller, more symmetrical and defined, while adding length and dimension to the ends of brows. In addition to saving time when it comes to getting ready, brow tint often looks more natural than applying make up to the brows.

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  • Lash Tint

    Eyelash tinting allows you to have the eyelashes you want without having to bother with mascara. Those who want to emphasize their eyes and lashes, are allergic to mascara, or have other issues with using makeup products will find this service beneficial. We also find that lash tinting looks more natural than mascara!

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  • Lash Lift + Tint

    Lash lifts are the extension- and mascara-free solution to thicker, darker, and longer lashes. Using Elleebana Lash Lift supplies, we give you luscious, voluminous eyelashes that last for weeks. Elleebana's Lash Lift uses a certified-safe chemical process that breaks down the lashes' disulfide bonds and encourages them to curl toward the sky!

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Our Estheticians use Elleebana Lash lift products and Belmacil Lash and Brow Tint. Belmacil’s powerful Swiss formula stands out above the rest with the longest lasting and most gentle eyelash tint colors on the planet!