Massages + Energy Work

ABURA offers our community a sanctuary to bring balance back to your physical and mental well-being. Various body and energy work are known to break through the layers and barriers we build up and bring us back to a healthier, truer form of ourselves. We invite you to explore beyond what you may be used to delve into spaces created through Thai Massage, Craniosacral Massage, Reiki energy work as well as other wellness therapies.

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Please inform us of any allergies to plant based ingredients when booking your service.

Massage & Energy Services

  • Signature Massage

    Our Signature Massage is a one-of-a-kind massage experience tailored to each individual's unique body and needs during every visit.

    This massage offers a a range of specialized modalities to address specific concerns and create a deeply rejuvenating and therapeutic experience.

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  • Thai Massage

    During a Thai massage, the recipient remains fully clothed and lies on a comfortable floor mattress. The practitioner uses their hands, thumbs, elbows, knees, and feet to apply pressure, stretch, and manipulate the recipient's body. The massage is performed in a flowing sequence of movements, often referred to as a dance, that focuses on energy lines and specific points along them.

    Thai massage is known for its comprehensive benefits, which can include increased flexibility, stress reduction, improved circulation, enhanced energy flow, and overall relaxation. It is suitable for individuals of various ages and physical conditions, although it's always important to communicate any specific concerns or limitations to the practitioner before the session.

    It's worth noting that Thai massage can be invigorating and may involve stretches and pressure points that require some physical effort. The level of intensity can be adjusted based on individual preferences and needs.

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  • Hot Stone Massage

    Hot stone massage is a therapeutic massage technique that involves the use of heated stones placed on specific areas of the body and incorporated into the massage strokes.

    The heat from the stones helps to relax muscles, relieve tension, and promote a deep sense of relaxation. It helps penetrate deep into the muscles, promoting relaxation and releasing tension. The warmth helps to increase blood flow, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the tissues more effectively. As a result, the client experiences a profound sense of relaxation and well-being.

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  • Integrated Massage

    During an integrated session your practitioner will tap into what your body needs to facilitate healing. Different modalities will be used including but not limited to traditional massage, myofascial work, trigger point therapy, energy work, and clearings.

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  • Prenatal Massage

    Prenatal massage is a specialized form of massage therapy designed to address the unique needs of expectant mothers. It provides relaxation and relief from common discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as back pain, swelling, muscle tension, and stress.

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  • Postpartum Massage

    Our postpartum massage is a healing and restorative treatment that can help new mothers recover from childbirth. Your therapist will use gentle, soothing techniques to relieve muscle soreness, promote relaxation, and reduce stress. Postpartum massage can help realign your body and bring you back to a feeling of balance after childbirth.

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Energy Work

  • Spiritual Craniosacral Healing Session

    For those who are interested in exploring the beautiful world of spiritual healing. Spiritual Craniosacral Healing Session is a holistic therapy that combines elements of craniosacral therapy with spiritual or energy-based practices. It is based on the belief that there is a subtle, rhythmic pulse or flow of cerebrospinal fluid that can be detected and influenced by the therapist's touch. The goal is to facilitate the body's natural healing abilities by addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

    Energy Worker: Tess Morrigan

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  • Reiki / Intuitive Energy Healing

    This is a Divinely guided and intention based healing experience. By identifying which aspects of self are holding you back from feeling in alignment with your desires, awareness is brought to what is no longer serving you. Energy work offers clearing, cleansing, balance, and restoration where it is needed. With the help of our Spirit Guides, we explore what steps can be taken after the session to support you in staying aligned with that which is meant for you! This work meets you wherever you are in your healing process.

    During a Reiki session, the recipient typically lies down fully clothed on a massage table, while the practitioner gently places their hands on or near various parts of the body. The practitioner acts as a conduit for the Reiki energy, allowing it to flow through them and into the recipient. The energy is said to be intelligent and naturally guided to where it is needed most.

    Energy Worker: Nicole Brunelle

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  • Polarity

    Polarity Therapy is a truly holistic practice that works for anyone, in any state of health. It meets you where you are and inspires positive changes that are just right for you. Polarity Therapy is a system of treatments used in alternative medicine, intended to restore a balanced distribution of the body’s energy by combining touch, nutrition and self-awareness. This unique form of energy healing enables you to look at what you’re carrying as pain, stress and disease, and allows you to access and unwind the origins that create physical, mental and emotional symptoms. In addition to working with your body, you are supported with verbal communication and reflective listening.

    Energy Worker: Shea Donovan

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  • Craniosacral Therapy

    Craniosacral therapy, a gentle and non-invasive form of bodywork, offers numerous benefits for both physical and emotional well-being. One of the primary advantages of this therapy is its ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Through light touch and manipulation of the craniosacral system, which includes the bones, tissues, and fluids surrounding the brain and spinal cord, craniosacral therapy releases tension and improves the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This results in a profound state of relaxation, which can alleviate various stress-related symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, and anxiety. Moreover, craniosacral therapy has been found to enhance the body's natural healing processes by stimulating the immune system and improving overall physical health. It can also address musculoskeletal issues by releasing restrictions in the body, promoting better posture and mobility. Overall, craniosacral therapy provides a holistic approach to wellness, leaving individuals feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and better equipped to cope with the demands of daily life.

    Energy Worker: Tess Morrigan

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Natalie Hickey

Natalie Hickey is a seasoned bodywork practitioner with over 20 years experience in her field. She specializes in Thai massage, also known as "Nuad Thai", which is based on the concept of energy lines within the body. It combines acupressure, stretching, and deep tissue massage to restore balance, increase flexibility and alleviate tension. Natalie also provides traditional massage as well as hot stone massage at Abura.

In addition to being a master bodyworker, Natalie is a dancer and yogini. Her work is infused with grace, fluidity and an intuitive understanding of how people heal and evolve. She seamlessly incorporates elements of dance and yogic principles into her sessions, creating an immersive and holistic experience for her clients.

Natalie provides Thai Massage, Traditioinal Massage and Hot Stone Massage at Abura.

Shea Donovan,

I was guided into body work by my own healing journey. Throughout the past decade I have been exploring different modalities including hands on body work, somatic healing, plant spirit medicine, herbalism and nutrition. This journey of deep self discovery has delivered me to the knowledge that humans have an innate capacity to heal. I use a combination of practices including traditional massage, myofascial releases, abdominal massage, and polarity.

I have a deep passion for working with women, especially during the childbirth continuum. I am a certified Innate Postpartum Practitioner and offer in-home care to growing families in Maine. My philosophy is rooted in women's ability to care for and support one another. I use nutrition as medicine, physiological design, and community as my foundation in helping mothers thrive in their birthing years and beyond. When I’m not tending to others in my community, I like to spend my time hiking, baking, gardening and dancing.

Tess Morrigan

Spiritual healing is my life’s passion. My introduction to energy work came at a young age when I suffered a catastrophic fracture in my right arm which led to significant pain and numbness through parts of my arm. Through cranial work, I was able to regain complete sensation and full mobility! As an adult, I began my journey in the world of healing as a licensed massage therapist in 2012 and received training and education in craniosacral therapy shortly after. As my experience and practice has grown, I’ve had the honor of using the Akashic records to help clear energies at the deepest soul level.

Tess provides Craniosacral sessions at Abura.

Nicole Brunelle

Nicole’s energy work sessions are guaranteed to provide anyone with a divinely unique experience. Though rooted in Reiki, her offerings expand beyond the ancient tradition. Through her own spiritual evolution she has been able to develop a personalized healing technique. This includes clearing energetic blockages, communicating with guides, and aligned actions, allowing the individual to strengthen their connection with Spirit.

She truly sees this work changes lives and reintroduces unconditional love into the healing process. When we are reminded of our spiritual essence we can soften into our hearts, connecting more deeply with our purpose. This permits for a profound trust in where we are on our journey.

Energy work offers support to those looking to re-emerge in love and self compassion. Vibrational medicines such as crystals, essential oils, and other plant allies assist Nicole during sessions. She is certified in both Usui Shiki Ryoho and Usui-Tibetan lineages of Reiki. She has also worked under mentors of Shamanism, Sufi Healing, Angelic healing, and Priestess Arts. Nicole’s healing sessions are transformational and multidimensional, allowing space for her clients to embody Divine Love.

Nicole provides Reiki sessions at Abura.