Holiday Harmony: Ayurvedic Tips for a Joyful and Balanced Season!

Holiday Harmony: Ayurvedic Tips for a Joyful and Balanced Season!

'Tis the season for joy and celebration, yet it often brings both happiness and added stress. According to Ayurveda, this time of year is high in Vata, characterized by dry, cold, and windy conditions, alongside increased mental and physical movement. With the holiday festivities disrupting routines—overeating, excessive talking, late nights—we may experience fatigue, anxiety, and indigestion.

Ayurveda emphasizes preventing "dis ease" through a personalized daily routine aligned with nature's rhythms. Ideal habits include early bedtime, sunrise wake-up, three solid meals (largest at midday), regular physical activity, mindful hydration, and living within our limits.

In reality, few maintain this lifestyle consistently, especially during the holidays. Ayurveda, however, offers wisdom to counter seasonal challenges:

  1. Mind/Emotions: Begin your day by expressing gratitude for three things (inward or out loud) — This simple act has profound results (especially when practiced regularly over time). In the short term it will create emotional and mental resilience. This can help with flexibility during the many challenging moments we might face during the Holidays.
  2. Sun Exposure: If there is sun to be had, enjoy some! If it's morning sun (before 9 am) look towards the horizon (not directly at the sun), with eyelids closed about halfway give yourself a minute or two of unadulterated morning sunlight. This will help to reset your circadian rhythm (so that you're tired and ready to sleep at the appropriate time) and help to enkindle your mental/emotional digestive capacity. Yes - our minds and emotions have to digest/process all the information coming our way too - just like the body has to properly digest/process food!
  3. Body: Eat pomegranate daily. Yes you heard that right! Here in the Northern Hemisphere it is pomegranate season. Pomegranate is a fruit that balances all three Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Balancing all three Doshas is always recommended, but during times of higher than usual stress it adds grounded strength to our bodies. Ayurvedic wisdom states that eating seasonally is also optimal for digestive health and thus immunity. Extra Ayu tip - eat pomegranate on its own (eat fruit on its own in general).
  4. Hydration and Detox: Drink 10 ounces of boiled (cooled slightly) water first thing in the morning after a night of overindulgence. Follow with a cup or two of fresh ginger tea. This will help to flush out toxins as well as help reset your digestion. Bonus - this technique is deeply hydrating and promotes good circulation. Your skin will thank you - hydration, fluid circulation and no excess toxins to process keeps the skin clear and glowing!

Wishing you a serene winter solstice, robust well-being, and a joyful holiday season!

With love,

Natalie D (Ayurveda Practitioner + Skin Therapist) and the Abura Team


Please let us know if you tried any of these Ayurveda wisdom tips out and how it/they felt!

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