Abura Skincare was founded in Portland, Maine in the Winter of 2016 by Amanda Kate Forman. The brand came to life during a period of inspiring research on both carrier and essential oils in a triumphant effort to create a natural, chemical free sunscreen to protect Amanda Kate’s skin during the sunny summer months. What started as natural sun protection turned into a deeper interest in skincare and natural remedies for fighting blemishes, perfecting skin tone and texture and fighting signs of aging. While attending school for Aesthetics in Maine, Amanda Kate combined her research and education to create an oil based skincare line formulated to promote clear, glowing skin for all skin types and all ages. Intrigued by meticulous Japanese skincare traditions, the name Abura, meaning “oil” in Japanese was chosen to represent the brand. Every ingredient is natural and plant based and many are certified Organic. All essential oils are pure, therapeutic grade to maximize the benefits of each plant’s unique gifts.

contact: amanda.forman@gmail.com

Earth-Friendly Practices

All products are made using natural ingredients that are biodegradable and support clean, earth friendly practices. 


High Quality

All Essential Oils used in Abura Products are 100% Therapeutic Grade for maximum effects and benefits. 

Made with Love

Abura Products are made with intention and love, bringing positive energy to your body, mind and soul.