why is oil good for my skin?

Not all oil is created equal, so we handpick the best carrier oils for your products. Filled with Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins, these oils deliver the necessary nutrients to feed your skin and keep it nourished and happy. When the skin receives clean, healthy oils it does not have to work as hard to produce it's own oil. Providing the skin with non-comedogenic oils can even help slow down over active sebaceous glands, which contributes to oily, break-out prone skin and therefor regulate oil production and reduce breakouts. 


are essential oils safe for the face?

Essential Oils are extremely concentrated plant extracts that have powerful, medicine-like properties when topically introduced to the body. Many of them are rich sources of potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and antimicrobial ingredients that protect against visible skin problems. However, there are a number of irritating and photosensitive essential oils that should not be applied to the face. Abura is extremely selective and cautious when adding essential oils to products as an active ingredient.

How is Serum different from a moisturizer or lotion?

Typically a serum works best in conjunction with your moisturizer.




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