Spring Cleaning - What is in Your Vanity

Have you ever opened the mirror above your sink, only to experience an avalanche of products that you didn’t even know you had? If not, Bravo!... On either having a large enough vanity to hold all that junk, half of which is probably expired, or for having the perfect amount of beauty essentials. I’ve decided to make a list of what I find to be essential and most effective in my beauty routine. Some of these items may be old news to you, but this is my blog post and I want to talk about why these items are important!

Cleanser. Throughout the day our faces come in contact with dirt, debris, environmental pollutants, and often times, make-up. The first step to clear, radiant skin is removing these itty bitty weapons from our skin’s surface. Use a cleanser designed for your skin type that will not strip away the skin’s protective barrier, aka the “acid mantle”. Think "oily, normal, dry, sensitive or aging". 

Toner. This watery solution often found in a spray bottle or can be poured onto cotton rounds is designed to further cleanse the skin while properly balancing the PH. Like a cleanser, a toner should be selected based on skin type. 

Serum. These healthy, often nutrient rich blends penetrate the skin more deeply than a moisturizing cream. Serum’s can be used in the morning and night, after toning and before putting on moisturizing SPF or make-up. Only a small amount is needed to feed the skin and give it a silky and radiant complexion. 

SPF. While your make-up may contain an SPF factor, chances are, you are not actually using enough of the product for it to be truly effective. While there is nothing wrong with using make-up containing SPF, I recommend first applying a moisturizer with SPF before “putting on your face”. 

Mask Brush. I love to mask. It’s one of my favorite night time rituals, that would not be complete without my favorite masks and a, dun dun dun...MASK BRUSH! In order to preserve product and apply just the right amount of mask, which should be slightly translucent, a mask brush is key. Make sure to clean thoroughly using warm water after each application. A few favorites are May Lindstrom’s Facial Treatment Brush, the Body Shop’s Mask Brush, and the Canyon Rose Bamboo Brush, all of which are eco-friendly.

Face Cloth. Having a hard time getting all that make-up off? Screw the Raccoon eyes, the q-tips, the make up remover that always seems to seep into your eyeball and try using a facial cloth while cleansing. In addition removing the excess dirt, oil and make-up, a good facial cloth will act as an exfoliant, removing dead skin surface cells and giving you a softer and more radiant complexion. Gently, and i do mean gently, wipe under the eyes to remove runny eye make-up. These cloths are also great for removing clay based masks. After use, rinse with warm water, wring out all excess product and hang to dry.  I am in love with the Binchotan Charcoal Face Scrub Towel and the Appearus Micro-bamboo Microfiber cloth.

Face Sponges. Great for applying toners, removing cleansers and masks, these reusable sponges are gentle on the skin and can be easily cleaned by giving them a thorough rinse and wring. Oh, and store them in a dry, sterile place. Available at your local rite aid or try Amazon for a great deal on these Fantasea Sponges.

Charcoal Toothbrush or Activated Charcoal Capsules. No need to spend a fortune on those gum hating, teeth aching white strips! Purchase a charcoal bristle tooth brush like this Binchotan Brush or open up an Activated Charcoal Capsule from your local drugstore or WholeFoods, pour it onto any old toothbrush and brush away!  While your mouth is turning black as night, the activated charcoal is working hard at removing impurities and stains. And don’t forget to mind the tongue, as we all know it’s a breeding ground for bad breath causing bacteria!

Charcoal Face Mask. If you are suffering from an over-abundance of blackheads, excess oil or an unsightly break out, throw away the pore strips, the chemical based acne cream, the harsh exfoliant and get yourself the Abura Charcoal Mask. Designed to purify and detoxify pores, while fighting harmful bacteria and soothing the skin, this mask was created to make you look your best!

Now of course, you need your toothpaste, your make-up, your favorite scent and whatever beauty products you just can't live without, I totally get it! But I do hope this checklist will provide some insight into cleaning out your vanity and for adding some new essentials to your arsenal of beauty. If you're having trouble finding the perfect skincare product, check out Abura Skincare and hopefully we can help you out!