Bridal Season is Among Us



Well, it's officially summer! Have you got everything in order?

Let us now consult the checklist...

  1. Sunscreen. NOT just any sunscreen but one that won't make you break out while simultaneously blocking havoc wreaking UVA and UVB Rays that can lead to skin cancer and unsightly HYPERPIGMENTATION aka sunspots. NOOOOOO!!!! 

  2. Straw Hat. Because chances are, you may not have yet found that sunscreen :( 

  3. Bikini Body. Hmm, well I don't know about you but my time for yoga and pilates has been a little short. I try to do some sit ups, leg lifts and push ups while I watch TV, but all the good shows are on summer break! For now, I DRY BRUSH prior to each shower (more on that later) and slather Anti-Cellulite Therapy Oil all over my thighs, stomach and sides! 

  4. One-Piece Swimsuit. Because of course I'm not ready for bikini season!

  5. Fancy Dresses. (In which I will watch beautiful couples perform their nuptuals. )

If you or someone you know is getting ready to wed, I am going to warn you...there will be a photographer...and not just any photographer. Enter the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, essentially a ninja with a camera, who will immortalize your face on this very day. Yes, I know it's not even YOUR day but for some reason it still feels like the focus is YOUR face....and no, there is nothing you can do except to be prepared!

As an Esthetician I have a few essentials to recommend for getting your mug flash photography ready before your old-roommates brother's second wedding. 

1. Prepare the canvas. Cleanse 2x daily with a cleanser appropriate for your skin-type. Tone. Apply a Serum and or Moisturizer rich in Anti-Oxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, and other nutrients. Protect with SPF.  Lip Polish. Prevent the dried-out-flake-off lip look when wearing the perfect hue to match your earrings...or shoes...or clutch. 

exfoliate with a gentle but effective exfoliant and apply a face mask that can both detoxify and remineralize your skin approximately 2-3 times a week. These products will keep your skin from looking dull or flaky. 

Abura recommends: Calming Serum, Calming Mist, Matcha Mask, Honey Scrub and Face and Body Butter with SPF.

2. Paint the canvas. Prime. Don't let your make up slip off mid-Macarena. Contour. Shade (darken beneath the cheek bones toward the chin) and Highlight (lighten above the cheek bones underneath the eyes to emphasize the beauty bones without having to make the dirty dirty "duckface". Use a Waterproof Mascara, because there will be tears. Mind, line and fill the brows with a color closely matched to your natural haircolor. As far as the lips go, do the opposite of whatever route you went with your eyes. Eye's Heavy: Lip's Light OR Eye's Light: Lip's Heavy. Bring a loose face powder for periodic touch ups in order to prevent too much shine. 

No matter how many glasses of champagne you've imbibed throughout the night, DO NOT go to bed without washing your face!

Goodnight and Goodluck!

kate forman